Hiring More than Just Good Looking Paint

Ten years ago, when I was still studying at university, I worked as a labourer with a Painter at a construction site. Prior to that, if anyone had mentioned painting, I’d only think of the end result. You can paint a wall this colour with that pattern using this sort of brush. That’s it. However, there was so much more that went into planning and preparation that I had taken for granted; there were so many elements that could affect the end result. For example, what material is the paint going to be applied on, how will the light entering the room affect the choices put forth by the client, what alternatives need to be looked at, how rough / smooth is the current wall, how many undercoats are required, what paint colour to choose knowing that it will change as it dries, and what are the current trends? What is going to make a visitor look twice before passing on from that room?

In the same vein, when you hire a graphic designer you’re not just picking a colour or pattern on a wall and you’re not just getting good ideas. Anyone can come up with good ideas. In the game design world, you’ll often hear game designers say “ideas are a dime a dozen”. Good ideas are everywhere. Knowing which ideas best suit a scenario and how to implement those good ideas is the key.

Here’s a list of some of the benefits of hiring a good graphic designer:

A good graphic designer
listens to you

A good graphic designer
understands what you need even when you find it hard to word your thoughts

A good graphic designer
cares about who you are and what you do so that their designs truly resemble YOU

A good graphic designer
studies your competition and finds ways to make you stand out

A good graphic designer
tests your design on all the products you want to use it on

A good graphic designer
even tests your design in different environments and on various mediums to allow for future possibilities

A good graphic designer
is willing to go the extra mile to make the process easier for you

A good graphic designer
finds what will make your customers look twice before even considering anywhere else, and then takes it up an extra notch

A good graphic designer
stands by his / her designs because what they do matters to them.

So, a little more than just picking good looking paint.

If you’re looking for a good graphic designer, get in contact with the team at 1VINE.

Ways to contact us:
Email: contact@1vinedesign.com.au
Phone: 0426 238 272
Website: 1vinedesign.com.au

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