A New Project is Under Way!

I can’t give away too much information yet but a fun project is currently in the works. What I will say, though, is that a lot of hard work will be involved, lots of planning, plenty of designing, much coding, some database-ing, and apples too!

All major updates will be posted here on the blog with excerpts shared on Facebook and Twitter. The final project will make it on the Projects page of the website also, so there will be plenty of ways to stay up to date.

Stay tuned!

How One Brisbane Couple Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is!

For my final subject at college, I had to choose out of three briefs and use Graphic Design to help solve a problem. The project brief I picked was raising awareness of Homelessness in Australia via the “Here for Good” campaign by Torren Universities Australia.

After doing substantial research on the subject, I found out some shocking facts. Here’s a small list:

  • on average, 1 in 200 Australians are homeless
  • in NT, that number is 15 times worse (1 in 13 Australians)
  • the number 1 reason for homelessness is domestic and family violence
  • the number 2 reason for homelessness is financial difficulties
  • 59% of homeless Australians are under 35 years old
  • 17% of homeless Australians are under 12 years old
  • the greatest need that homeless people have is foot-wear and foot-care

While flipping through the news this week, I noticed an article titled, “Power couple make $750,000 investment to fight homelessness“.

It is so good to see people using what they have to help those who are less fortunate and that doesn’t always have to be through money. Your profession, your skills, your time, and your care could go a long way.

There are a couple of foundations that strike a cord with me and I hope to be able to do more for them.

Are there some charities or foundations that you sponsor and help out with? Share them in the comments below.

* Feature Image from https://www.brisbanetimes.com.au/national/queensland/power-couple-make-750-000-investment-to-fight-homelessness-20180610-p4zkmr.html

The Neighbourhood Watch Streetsmart Handbooks

We are proud to say that 1VINE Design is now a proud supporter of the Streetsmart Handbooks which are produced by Neighbourhood Watch Australasia.

The Neighbourhood Watch’s goal is to create safer communities all over Australia and New Zealand. Here’s more from their website.

Our goal at Neighbourhood Watch Australasia (NHWA) is to assist Australian neighbourhoods become safer, connected and inclusive communities through the establishment of crime prevention initiatives.

The purpose of the Streetsmart Handbook is to support teenagers and their parents by providing personal safety information as a preventative approach to crime and personal risk.

The Streetsmart Handbook is produced in conjunction with Countrywide Austral and addresses personal safety and crime related issues relating to cyber bullying, depression, community social behaviour, drugs, alcohol and more. The handbook also lists key organisations and helpline numbers for teenagers and families who need extra support and assistance.

A big thank you to the team at Neighbourhood Watch for all the great and important work that they do.

Certificate Issued by NHWA - Queensland
Certificate Issued by NHWA – Queensland

2018 Website Makeover

The website has had a makeover!

I’ve been caught up with a lot of administrative tasks lately that I had to make-do with a temporary website. It wasn’t what I wanted but it served its purpose.

Late last week, I focused on coming up with a concept and a theme. I believe I’ve arrived at one that I like.

“Making your dreams a reality”

That sprouted from my own experience when I was starting 1VINE Design. I kept asking myself the question, “Why? Why do you want to do graphic design? Why will 1VINE even exist?”

I have always loved design and art. I enjoy coming up with different ways in making a statement, emphasising a presence or, even, just making something typing have a “Wow!” impression.

My love of design became my dream many years ago; to work in graphic design and perhaps even start my own business.

I followed that dream. I pursued that passion.

Many people out there are thinking along the same lines wishing they can start a business, an organisation, a charity and they don’t know how to stand out. I can help.

If it’s a logo you need, a business card, a website, a digital mascot or anything else design related, get in touch. I’ll help you make that dream a reality.



The Official Print Portfolio

In one week, my portfolio booklets were printed, delivered across states, sent to a photographer, photos edited and sent back to me.

They turned out amazing! I love the booklets and the photos.

A big thank you to Minuteman Press in Fortitude Valley, QLD, for the great work on these booklets. Professionally done, quick and at a great price. I love working with the team there.

A big thank you, also, to Be Still Photography for the beautiful photos and quick delivery.


Temporary One-Page Portfolio Live


Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us and we’re so sorry about that. It was a crazy end for 2017 but that’s behind us now. To kick-off 2018, we’ve launched a one page portfolio to preview some of our designs and work.

Meanwhile, work resumes on the complete website and we hope to launch it very soon.

In the earlier half of this year, we will be selecting a number of small businesses that have a big impact on the community around them but haven’t had access to, or even the funds for, a re-branding and will be offering them our services for free!

The re-branding pitch will come in the form of a multi-page A5 booklet / brochure, explaining the new logo and previewing it through a set of in situ mockup photos.

We will be sharing each of these projects on our blog so look out for them.

Thank you for tuning in and we hope 2018 is an amazing year for you and your families.

Website makeover in the works


Our main website is undergoing a complete makeover process which has been in the works for the past two weeks and is almost half way there. The new design is fresh and makes it much easier for us to showcase our work as well as interact with our visitors.

We’re excited about this change as it will set off a number of projects. Stay tuned for more updates!