Don’t Count the Years; Make the Years Count

How long has it been since you scrolled through a list of job ads? Go to your favourite job seeking site now and take a look at a handful. Do you see a pattern?

Chances are, most, if not all, of those job ads ask that the applicant have some number of years experience in a similar role. It seems legitimate, right? If you’ve been doing something for a certain amount of years, you should have that many years’ worth of experience. Simple maths, right? Wrong.

Before I changed professions to do Graphic Design, I worked in Engineering Consultancies for 12 years. During that time, I noticed how quick the years pass and, before you know it, those jobs you could never apply for before because of that one condition “3 years in a similar role” are jobs you’re suddenly over-qualified for. But, are you really? Are you really over-qualified or do you just have a number of years under your belt?

I put myself under a strict self-review and realised that in a 6 month period that I had really applied myself, I had learnt so much more and progressed much further than a whole year preceding it. Of course, having someone from whose experience I could learn helped a great deal; but, the fact of it still remains. It’s easy to go on auto-pilot mode and let the years count while your progress remains stagnant. In that case, you may have worked for 5 years in a role but your real experience and growth only amount to 4, or even 3.

Was it just me, though? I entertained that thought in my mind and reviewed those I was working with. Some colleagues had great mentors around them; but, rather than learn and leech information and knowledge from them, they were piggy-backing off their experience. Let me rephrase that but in plain English; rather than use every opportunity to gain knowledge from those more experienced than them, I noticed some people weren’t solving problems themselves but opted to have others spoon-feed them information and direct them every step of the way. Here I was helping someone with double my years in experience. Did that make me smarter? Not so much. It just meant that I made my years count a little more.

That’s what I want to leave with you. Don’t count your years but make those years count. Use every opportunity to grow, to learn, to give value to your experience.

How, then, do I propose that employers look for candidates? That’s a topic for another post.

What are your thoughts on this subject? Let me know in the comments below.

2018 Website Makeover

The website has had a makeover!

I’ve been caught up with a lot of administrative tasks lately that I had to make-do with a temporary website. It wasn’t what I wanted but it served its purpose.

Late last week, I focused on coming up with a concept and a theme. I believe I’ve arrived at one that I like.

“Making your dreams a reality”

That sprouted from my own experience when I was starting 1VINE Design. I kept asking myself the question, “Why? Why do you want to do graphic design? Why will 1VINE even exist?”

I have always loved design and art. I enjoy coming up with different ways in making a statement, emphasising a presence or, even, just making something typing have a “Wow!” impression.

My love of design became my dream many years ago; to work in graphic design and perhaps even start my own business.

I followed that dream. I pursued that passion.

Many people out there are thinking along the same lines wishing they can start a business, an organisation, a charity and they don’t know how to stand out. I can help.

If it’s a logo you need, a business card, a website, a digital mascot or anything else design related, get in touch. I’ll help you make that dream a reality.



The Official Print Portfolio

In one week, my portfolio booklets were printed, delivered across states, sent to a photographer, photos edited and sent back to me.

They turned out amazing! I love the booklets and the photos.

A big thank you to Minuteman Press in Fortitude Valley, QLD, for the great work on these booklets. Professionally done, quick and at a great price. I love working with the team there.

A big thank you, also, to Be Still Photography for the beautiful photos and quick delivery.


Temporary One-Page Portfolio Live


Happy New Year!

It’s been a while since you’ve heard from us and we’re so sorry about that. It was a crazy end for 2017 but that’s behind us now. To kick-off 2018, we’ve launched a one page portfolio to preview some of our designs and work.

Meanwhile, work resumes on the complete website and we hope to launch it very soon.

In the earlier half of this year, we will be selecting a number of small businesses that have a big impact on the community around them but haven’t had access to, or even the funds for, a re-branding and will be offering them our services for free!

The re-branding pitch will come in the form of a multi-page A5 booklet / brochure, explaining the new logo and previewing it through a set of in situ mockup photos.

We will be sharing each of these projects on our blog so look out for them.

Thank you for tuning in and we hope 2018 is an amazing year for you and your families.